Continuing with Colours


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity

We continued with our colour study, today.  Most of the activities were a repeat since R learns best with multiple repeated exposures.

Painting: we worked on three new pages for our homemade colour book.  I found that R was able to focus much better at painting while she was in her high chair.  It also made clean-up and containing of the mess much much easier!

Poems and Books: We re-read Brown Bear, Brown Bear and the Colours poem.  R loved doing a few of the actions to the poem; especially the lake part. We also re-read the poem using the foam magnetic pieces.

Colour Matching: as with the introduction of any new materials, I allow time for R to explore them in an unstructured manner before I start to guide her. This way, she is much more focused on the activity as the novelty of the items has worn off.  I taped three foam pieces to the inside of a wooden tray and placed bugs of the appropriate colours on the foam mats. I n this manner, I offered R an invitation to play.  She not only explored the coloured bugs with her hands, but she decided she needed to taste them a bit too.  During the guided part of the activity, I placed one bug at a time on a foam mat and repeated the colour over and over again to her.  I would first ask, “what colour is this?” And then I would point to the bug and say the colour, then point to the mat and say the colour, and then place the bug on the matching mat and repeat the colour once more.

Today’s activity was meant to be a first time exposure to the primary colours. I had no expectation of R to match the bugs to the mat. Over many exposures and much practice, I will build to having R match on her own. By using the question, “what colour is this?” before telling R the colour, it builds the association between the question and answer.

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