Hunting for and Sorting Colours


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity

Our colour study continued, well for the most part… We read Brown Bear again and R was still fully enthralled.  She finished the last of the painting for our homemade colour book.

We did a colour hunt for the colour blue.  R is not yet at the developmental stage where she gets what a colour hunt is, so we did an adapted version of this.  Using a wooden bowl, rice and a mix of blue items and very few yellow and red items, we did a mini colour hunt.  R loved to dig out items and swirl the rice around the bowl using a popsicle stick she dug up.  Any time she pulled out a blue item, I would say blue and we would cheer.  Any time she pulled out a different coloured item, I’d say the colour and then put it back in the bowl. Since there were way more blue items, we did lots of cheering! Continue reading