Coloured dough, Q-tips and Birthdays


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity

For our last day of our colour study (for now), we mixed red, blue and yellow food colouring into the play dough I had made a few days ago.  It has stayed perfectly soft in an air tight Tupperware container.  Mixing colours into play dough is a great way to develop fine motor skills and strengthen a child’s grip.

R is now able to say blue and will copy me when I say it.   Practicing vocabulary words during activities is a great way to build word and object associations.  I try to choose just a couple of vocabulary words per day.

I had provided R an invitation to play with a wooden tray and the foam colour mats we’ve been using all week, containers, play dough, gears and q-tips.  R did the cutest thing with the play dough and q-tips.  After putting the q-tips into the play dough, like I had shown her, she plopped the creation onto a coloured container and started singing the word, “happy”.  This is her way of saying happy birthday.  R has great imagination since she was able to combine her past experiences with birthdays and see that the q-tips in the play dough resembled a birthday cake.  She even practiced blowing out the “candles”!

Finally, we used the q-tips, which I had coloured with food colouring, to paint on paper towel. We dipped the coloured q-tips in some water so that the colours would flow more easily into the paper towel.  This will be a great activity to repeat with R as she gets older and starts learning about colour mixing!

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4 thoughts on “Coloured dough, Q-tips and Birthdays

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