Fishing for Rocks

It was the perfect day for a sensory bin activity today.  I created the sensory bin with the following items: Wooden bowl, rice as filler, a variety of rocks, and a couple of larger potpourri balls and cinnamon sticks to add a beautiful scent.  To explore these materials, I offered a metal ice cream scoop, a metal whisk, a small metal bowl and a rubber funnel.  R used the ice cream scoop to transfer rice and rocks into the funnel and watched the rice pour through.  She loved doing this, despite the fact that the amount of rice she transferred was at times very minimal.  With the whisk, I used the command “mix” and she would swirl the whisk around.  The neat part was that the rocks would get trapped inside the whisk and she could “fish” them out of the rice in this manner.  She also enjoyed collecting rocks in the metal bowl and dumping them back out.

Since R was at the previous activity for over 30mins, we did a short second activity.  We explored the forces of gravity and friction using a wooden cutting board as a ramp.  R had fun dropping the rocks and said “wee” as they went down. She noticed that at times some rocks got stuck and she would need to push them along to get them all the way down.

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