Good Old MacDonald and Rubber Utters



Old MacDonald had a Farm by Wendy Straw – We read “Old MacDonald” and sang together many times.  R carefully listened and watched as I pointed to and named animals on the different pages and especially loved it when I made the different animal sounds.


1. Backside Animal Match – I introduced R to a new puzzle I had made.  I put clipart photos of animals onto different coloured foam pieces. I then cut them in half to make puzzle pieces.  The activity was more focused on demonstrating how to do the puzzles.  I would put the front piece of the puzzle down in front of her and then hand her the second piece.  I would then guide her to place it in the appropriate spot next to the front piece.  After trying this activity again two more times over two days, R was able to do it with minimal support from me.  I like to introduce new activities using the “I do, we do, you do” method in which I first demonstrate the activity, I then guide R to do the activity with me and then, finally, I have R practice the activity on her own.

Extension Activity:
a. To make this activity more difficult, glue the animals onto the same coloured foam so that the child cannot use the colour to match the different animals.

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