Theatre in a Barn



Farm Animals by Nancy Dickman – “Farm Animals” was a great read especially since we could review all the animals we had visited from our farm visit.  We looked through and named the animals in the book repeatedly.


1. Matching Animals – This activity is inspired by a Montessori activity I had seen on Pinterest. I snapped photos of 8 of the plastic farm animals we have been using this week. I then gave R two animals and two picture cards at a time for matching. I defined the play space using a mirror so she knew to work in this area. She did well with two animals at a time but found it difficult when I tried four animals at a time.

Extension Activities:
a. Make this activity more difficult by increasing the number of animals on the board for matching.
b. Ask the child to match a specific animal and see if s/he can locate and match the animal correctly.

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