Grassy Heads and Window Plants


R was 15 months old and K was 19 months old at the time of this activity


In the Garden by Green Start – It was both a joy and a bit of a challenge to read to two toddlers.  They both wanted to hold the book while I read it (unfortunately I didn’t have two copies!).  This book is beautifully illustrated and has great text features such as image labels.


1. Wheatgrass Heads


I helped both kids take turns pouring soil into their plastic cups that I had decorated for them.  I then got them to first hold the grass seeds in their hands and then dump them into their cups.  I have a small spray bottle for R to use to water her grass head everyday.  Squeezing the spray bottle will be a great way to develop R’s motor skills.



Extension Activities:
a. Older children can decorate their own plastic cup faces with the prompt, “If your plant had a face, what would it look like?”
b. Discuss all the things a plant needs to survive, and together, find the best home for the wheatgrass head to ensure survival.

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