Fairy Gardens


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity


I’m a Seed by Jean Marzollo – R enjoyed the book we read today and listened intently.  It is about two seeds (a marigold and pumpkin seeds) that compare their growth.  I love the illustrations in this book!


1. Fairy Garden Sensory Play

 I had wanted to make a fairy garden outside in our actual garden, but the ground was super soggy after the rain, so I made one inside.  I combined two wooden trays with a tree stump tray.  I used soil, water and variety of mosses ground cover in the trays.  I added embellishments with gems, modelling clay mushrooms, flowers from the garden, a wooden fence and a metal bird cage.  Finally, to enhance imaginative play, I added R’s finger puppets that her auntie got for her.  R learned that not all things we play with are to be destroyed.  I used the command, “nice” to encourage her to not be destructive.  She actually listened and played quite gently with everything.  R and I counted the flowers in the water.  She splashed the water with her hands and said, “tash tash” (splash splash).  I asked her to put the puppets to sleep.  She placed two of them on the moss grass and patted them and said, “nini” (the punjabi word for sleep).  She made the wizard and unicorn hop around while saying, “hop hop hop”.  She loved putting gems and the puppets into the bird cage and saying, “cha-thi” (punjabi word for peek-a-boo).  All together, there was a lot of language skills development and imaginative play going on!

Extension Activities:
a. With older children, discuss what s/he thinks belongs in a fairy garden.
b. Have him/her make their own fairy garden adding items s/he thinks are necessary.

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