Mud Puddle Monsters


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity


Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch: R listened intently as I read the “Mud Puddle” by Robert Munsch.  I absolutely LOVE Robert Munsch (a fellow Canadian!!) and all his great stories.  We even have some of his board book versions of his classics.  R’s favourite Munsch story is “The Paper Bag Princess”.  The paper back version of the Mud Puddle is quite long, so I shortened the story as I read it to her to hold her attention.


1. Mud Monster


R had fun patting, mixing and squishing mud using her hands and making a monster with popsicle sticks (paddle pop sticks) and large googley eyes.  She loves the texture of soil and often play in it.  I had added water to the soil to make it more of a muddy consistency.  R examined it closely when it stuck to her hands but didn’t like it being there.  She would play in the mud and then try to shake it off.


Extension Activities:
a. Discuss where a mud monster might be found with the child.  Have the child find the best location for a house of the mud monster and have him/her build one
b. Talk about what features make a monster a monster.  What parts are missing in our mud monster?  Have the child add other items to the mud monster to represent other monster parts.

2. Mix and Match Felt Monsters


I made some monsters and their parts using felt.  Since the parts are all separate, they can easily be mixed between the different monsters.  We practiced naming and pointing to different parts on the felt monsters as well as naming the equivalent parts on R’s body.  “Teeth” was the new vocabulary word for this activity and I pointed to the monster teeth and R’s teeth multiple times.  As usual, R was most interested in pulling apart all of the pieces!

Extension Activities:
a. Have the child work on scissor skills and cut felt.  Older children can make monsters themselves.  Younger ones can just practicing cutting straight strips.
b. Make multi-coloured monsters and practice colour recognition with the child.

3. Monster Balloons

IMG_8007 R had soooo much fun with this activity!!  I drew faces on balloons and added lentils inside to make the balloons into shakers.  She chanted, “take take” (shake shake) as she played.  She played with these balloons many times over many days.  Unfortunately, one burst and we had a lentil explosion all over the floor!  We ended up making an activity today and R practiced using a broom and dust pan.


Extension Activities:
a. Make paddles using a paper plate and popsicle sticks and play a game of monster badminton!
b. Add different grains inside the balloons to create different sound effects.

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6 thoughts on “Mud Puddle Monsters

  1. What fantastic ideas!!! I am a HUGE fan of Robert Munsch myself, but have never read that one… Or at least can’t remember that one. Just curious, are the Munsch board books the same, or shorter versions of the paper ones? I have seen them at Costco but because they are sealed, wasn’t sure…


    • Thank you so much! Yup, the board books are shortened versions of his classics. They work really well for toddlers! I’m totally addicted to his books and want to get all of the board book versions, but I’m trying to control myself! haha


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