A Bench’s Nooks and Crannies


I forgot to pick up marshmallows for one of our activities for the day (oops!), so I got in a nice long walk with R in the stroller before she had a play at the park.  In our area, a walk to the market results in a hike back to our park and house since we live on a mountain side.  It’s a perfect excuse to get in some great exercise!  I don’t always have time to get in a good work out every day, so I’m always looking for opportunities to fit one in!

Besides all the usual stuff R does at the park, she was particularly interested in a wooden bench.  It entertained her for 30 mins!  She explored all the nooks and crannies in that bench.  Sometimes she was exploring right-side-up, other times, she was hanging up-side-down.

Extend the Learning:
Offer positional vocabulary to the child. While R was playing on the bench, I described her location on the bench with words such as up, down, on and under. She now understands the concept of up and asks for help getting “up” onto things.