Mama and Baby beach time


Beach Bums – 16 month old R & 5 month old M

We have been loving this string of gorgeous weather, so we have made sure to take full advantage of it.  We headed to Kitsilano Beach on the South shore with baby M who is now 5 months old! The two kids had so much fun together.  R tried to entertain M by passing him a ball, shaking toys in front of him and giggling with him.

My girlfriend and I spent two very relaxing hours out with our little ones as we chatted about the highs and lows of motherhood.  We shared stories and advice and laughed about how our lives have changed since we were undergraduate students pursuing Microbiology and Immunology together.

Playground Play with Found Friends


We went to downtown Vancouver to play at the park with K and his dad.  I love this playground since it has a soft and bouncy play surface and there are tons of other families out. Most of the parks in our area have wood chips as ground cover, and R spends the majority of the time just collecting the wood chips.

Here, the kids made new friends, played with bubbles, climbed, ran, chased birds, slid down slides, got on swings, petted dogs and laughed plenty! An older girl at the park took a liking to R and grabbed hold of her hand while showing her around. The two girls crouched under a tire swing and giggled together. Where as before, R would be hesitant to leave my side, I now see her dancing about and engaging with other kids. I couldn’t be happier!