Friends at the Farm

Toddler fun at Maplewood Farm - 16 month old R & 19 month old M

Toddler fun at Maplewood Farm – 16 month old R & 19 month old M


I had originally thought about checking out the black bear habitat at the top of Grouse Mountain since it would have worked well with our Goldilocks and Three Bears theme, but decided instead to visit Maplewood Farm with 19 month old M and her mama.

The two girls did everything together. They tried to climb a fence, petted a goat, “milked” a fake cow, fed the ducks, guinea pigs and baby goats, chased chickens, baa’ed at sheep and attempted to hold hands!!

This was the third time R visited the farm.  Her favourite part is feeding all the animals and it simply amazes me that she puts food directly into all of the animals’ mouthes without any fear or hesitation.  She demonstrates great memory skills since she knows exactly where to find the guinea pigs in their little hide outs and remembers that they enjoy eating lettuce.

Mysterious Monster


Hide outs

My favourite moment of the day was finding R hiding under the dining chair growling and acting like a little monster 😉

Independent play time is unfortunately never completely independent.   From time to time, her play is interrupted by a need to be cuddled or my need to redirect misbehaviours such as when she’s ripping leaves off of our house plants.

What I can say, though, is that she is growing each day and getting better and better at playing independently for longer periods of time.  This is, of course, wonderful for me, as it allows me to make dinner and do other things around the house.  Sometimes, I need her to play independently just so I can put my feet up and relax!