How do I Plan my Days and Weeks? – Independent Play Edition

Independent Play:

IMG_5860Though this may seem like the easiest part of the day, it has been a process (and still continues to be one) to get R to become comfortable when playing alone.  She would love to have my attention at all times of the day, but obviously this isn’t feasible.  I have made it my mission to work on getting her to play independently for longer periods of time so that I have time to do things around the house or to just relax. Continue reading

Developing Independence

“When children grow and develop in a positive, supportive environment, they are more enthusiastic, more willing to accept challenges, more persistent in the face of difficulties, and better able to set and achieve their goals.  Support and guidance allow them to develop emotionally and socially in healthy ways.  If given opportunities to make choices and decisions, and if learning to work in a self-directed way, they will learn to become independent.”

–  Marilyn Chapman, 2000