Beach in a Bin


R was 16 months old at the time of this activity


Fishy Tales by DK Readers – Fishy Tales is a non-fiction book with stunning photographs.  Each two-page spread has a new sea creature to discover.  Inside, you will find simple labeled diagrams of coral, fish, turtles, sea horses, starfish, jellyfish, sharks, octopus, crabs, rays, dolphins, and eels.


1. Beach Bin


I offered R a textured ocean and beach themed sensory bin as an invitation to play.  She wasn’t engaged for very long until I added a scoop and sieve.  The sensory bin had brown decor sand at one end to represent the beach.  Next, I added small pebbles to represent a pebbled shore line.  Next, I added white stone granules to represent the waves crashing on the shore.  Finally, ocean was represented by blue coloured moon sand I had made a few weeks ago.  To add more textures to the sensory bin, I added some small shells and beach glass.  The recipe for the moon sand is as follows:

2 cups play sand or decor sand
1 cup corn starch
Mix thoroughly until well blended
Slowly add 1/2 cup of water until the moon sand is a crumbly texture but can hold form.

To enhance the sensory experience, I played ocean sounds with seagulls from youtube.  R loved running her hands through all of the different textures.

Extension Activities:
a. Add small ocean animals to encourage more imaginative play.
b. Have the child sieve the rocks into another container to separate them from the sand.

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