Sand and Tissue Collages


R was 16 months old at the time of this activity


Swimmy by Leo Lionni – Swimmy is a great story about a little fish who over came adversity and encouraged others to not be afraid. Leo Lionni writes wonderful stories that have many life lessons.  I loved using her books in my classroom as a spring board for discussing many topics such as bullying or self esteem.


1. Sandy Scene

IMG_9194I’ve finally put sand in half of R’s sand and water table.  I pulled out the shells again and offered her an invitation to play.  She went back and forth between the water and sand and was engaged for over 30 mins.  R especially enjoyed using a smaller shell as a scoop to fill a larger shell with sand.  Offering children simple items to play with is a great way to engage their imagination and to see their ability to represent one object as something else.  Here, R used a shell as a scoop.


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