Fishy Songs


R was 16 months old at the time of this activity


Herman the Helper by Robert Kraus – Herman the Helper is about an octopus that loves to help others as well as helping himself!  The book includes simple illustrations and simple text on the pages which makes it great for toddlers!


1. Magnetic Poem

IMG_9249 IMG_9229Five little fish is a fun finger play song that I used to love doing with my Kindergarten and Grade 1 students.

While saying each line of the poem, the finger play works as follows:
Line 1: Hold up five fingers on your left hand to represent the five fish.
Line 2: Wiggle your fingers.
Line 3 & 4: Wag your right index finger.
Line 5: Slowly bring right hand towards left fingers.
Line 6: Put right index finger on lips.
Line 7: Make right hand pretend to eat one of the left hand fingers
Line 8: Start again with four fingers. Repeat until no fingers remain.

I made foam magnets to go along with the poem.  The child can remove one fish at a time as the poem is read.

Extension Activities:
a. Have the child make his/her own foam pieces for this poem.
b. Have the child teach this poem to another child or adult.

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Each Brain is Unique

“Lock-step, assembly-line learning violates a critical discovery about the human brain: each brain is not only unique, but is also growing on a very different timetable.”

– E. Jensen, 1998