Masked Musicians

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Over the weekend, we visited Granville Island with R’s best friend, my gf and their family.  The Children’s Festival was going on and there were tons of great activities for the kids!  R was super sleepy from the drive over, but was immediately injected with energy when she saw all the wonderful activity tents.  We made masks for the girls and R still enjoys wearing hers at home!  There was a great musical playground that the girls enjoyed, plus shadow puppet play, an imaginative play area, a maze and a giant whale to run through that was made of wire and cloth.  We forgot to bring bathing suits for the little ones, but they still got to enjoy the water park area which is now open for the summer!

The girls napped in their strollers while the adults got to enjoy some delicious fresh seafood for lunch at the Go Fish Ocean Emporium.  Despite the long wait for the food, it was totally worth it as everything came out super hot and delicious!

If you missed the festival this year, make sure to check it out next year!

After the festival, we headed over to our place for some swimming, delicious beef tacos made by the men and some beer and wine for the adults!  There’s nothing like a great day with friends, topped off by an evening of yummy food and alcohol! 😉

Make Your Own Mask:

The masks were super easy to make and can be made at home!  All you need is a paper plate cut in half with holes cut out for eyes.  Decorate with any of your favourite crafting tools.  R’s mask was made by covering the surface of the plate with tissue paper and embellished with feathers, ribbon and a pom pom.  The mask was secured with an elastic around the child’s head.

4 thoughts on “Masked Musicians

  1. Oh, I just love summer time and all the amazing festivals and parties it contains!! What adorable little mask babies! I think I will try this one soon! 🙂


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