The Scent of the Forest

Outdoor play time was spent exploring the forest in order to enrich our camping activity week.  For the exploration, we came armed with a magnifying glass and R’s favourite pink bucket so that we could collect fallen leaves for an activity we had planned for later.  All was going wonderfully, or so I thought!  After a short while, a strange odour erupted and I realized that we needed to go home.  Sh*t happens!!  Although it would have been a great “camping experience” to wipe her butt with a leaf, I thought it unwise. LOL!  Luckily, we were close to home, so it was a quick trip back.

Extension Activities:
1. Take a clipboard, blank paper and a pencil with you to the forest and encourage the child to do some observational drawings of the leaves you have collected together.
2. Do some nature rubbings. Tape a leaf to the clipboard and place the blank paper on top of the leaf. Using a crayon, have the child do some rubbings.
3. Have the child look up the leaves s/he found and research what plants or trees they come from.


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