A Bubbling Build


R was 16 months old at the time of this activity


The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton – The Little House is a wonderful story about a small town house that wanted to be a part of the big city but becomes sad once a busy city is developed around it.  This story was identified as one of the top 100 best books for children by the National Education Association!


1. Bubbly Blocks

IMG_8148I scooped off some suds I made in a pot of soapy water and popped them onto R’s mega blocks table.  She enjoyed washing the characters and her own arms.  I added a tub of warm water beside her mega blocks table when she was finished playing, and she helped me wash the soap off the blocks.

To easily make lots of suds, blend up one part dish soap and two parts water on high using an electric hand blender.

Extension Activities:
a. Introduce the vocabulary words, “tall” and “short”. Demonstrate what a tall and short tower might look like and use the vocabulary works to describe your constructions. Encourage the child to build a tall tower and a short tower.
b. Count the number of blocks in each tower. Ask older children the following open-ended questions: what is the most number of blocks in a short tower? What is the least number of blocks in a tall tower?
c. Practice patterning with older children. In the beginning stages, have the child replicate simple “AB” patterns. As his/her skills develop, as him/her to build patterned towers using two or more colours.

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