The 93 Best Days of Your Life

If you’re from the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada and you need some ideas for outings this summer, check out this fellow instagrammer and mommy blogger’s list of 33 things to do in and around Vancouver! I’m looking forward to checking out the Fairy Garden in Redwood Park!

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Summer Smile by CrisSummer Smile by Cris, CC BY 2.0

I’m technically not a summer person – I prefer the fall, with its cool days and changing leaves.  Over here in Vancouver we have grey skies and rain, rain, rain all through the fall.  Doesn’t that sound like a great time to just curl up with a book and cup of hot cocoa? *sigh*

But until we get to September, I anticipate the start of fall by doing the exact opposite and spending countless hours outside and soaking in every bit of sunshine I can get (well protected by sunblock, of course!).  Little Bear is 2 now, and when he wakes up at 6 AM and sees the sun pouring through our windows, he insists that it is time to play in the backyard! Breakfast? Gosh, no! Change out of your pyjamas? Wouldn’t dream of it! If Little Bear had his way, he…

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