Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

IMG_0155IMG_0175For outdoor play time, I set up an obstacle course using pool noodles stuck into the ground with bamboo BBQ skewers.  I was so lucky to have so much help today!!! I had a bunch of errands to run and so after R’s nap, my sister was with R during outdoor play time. My sister encouraged R to kick the ball through the pool noodles and also crawl through them.

This activity is so simple and is great for kids of many ages.  It can be used with younger children to encourage them to crawl and can be used with older children to practice ball skills.  The ball can be thrown through the hoops or kicked through.

Play with multiple kids and set up two pool noodle nets on either side of the yard and make your very own soccer game!   Set up two rows of pool noodles to run through and have races with two groups of kids.