Dramatic Castles, Sticky Houses and Thread-able Noodles


R was 16 months old at the time of this activity


See Inside Castles by Usborne – See Inside Castles is a great book with lots of flaps to flip, making reading the book even more enjoyable, especially for reluctant readers.  I had these books out in my classroom for quiet reading time.  Many of the children, especially the boys in my class, were drawn to these books.


1. Cause and Effect Castle

IMG_8384I made a cardboard castle for R to explore some cause and effect relationships.  I didn’t get a chance to paint the castle, but lots of fun things were added.  I used lots of duct tape and twine to put it all together!  There was a draw bridge, a sliding wall that had spy goggles using cardboard rolls, a room and a pulley mechanism to pull toys up to a window. R played with all the parts of the castle for a long time.  I usually tidy up the activities after our activity time, but I left the castle out and she continued to play in there for over an hour and over many days.  My favourite part was when she brought in a pillow and laid down inside with her stuffies! Continue reading