Iced Rainbows


R was 16 months old at the time of this activity


Painting with Ice

I added water and food colouring (you can also use liquid water colour to prevent staining) to an ice tray to make rainbow-coloured ice for a painting activity.  I had seen a number of IG moms doing this activity, so I was excited to try it.  R had a lot of fun rubbing the ice onto craft paper and between her fingers.  We practiced the vocabulary word “cold” while doing this activity.  Although food colouring stains fingers, it comes off after just a few washes. Continue reading

Sponges, Sticks and Pegs


R was 16 months old at the time of this activity


I’m a Builder by Jean Warren – R learned a new song today that we sang while practicing hammering.  R enjoyed saying tap tap tap while she hammered!  Singing songs is a great way to develop vocabulary with young children.  With older kids, pause to explain the meaning of key words to ensure understanding.


1. Magnetic Popsicles

IMG_8406I put strips of magnetic tape on the back of craft sticks and attached them to our fridge for R to play with.  I encouraged her to make shapes, but as usual, her favourite part was taking the sticks off.  I would make a shape (square, rectangle, or triangle) and tell her the name of the shape.  I would then take her finger and together we would trace the outline of the shape.  She would then pull off the craft sticks one at a time and I counted aloud as she did so.

Extension Activities:
a.  Show your child an outline photo of a shape such as a triangle.  Have him/her replicate the shape on the fridge using the craft sticks.
b.  Practice counting.  Discuss how one craft stick creates one side and how the point where two craft sticks meet, create a corner.  Have an older child count the number of sides and corners in each shape and record it on a table you have created for him/her. Continue reading