Bubble Rockets and Slimy Paper Mache


R was 18 months old at the time of this activity


See Inside Space by Usborne – See Inside Space is another awesome Usborne Book!! Have I told you how much I love this series?! Well I do! :). R flipped some flaps, looked at pictures, repeated names of objects and then informed me that she was “all none” (all done), closed the book and trotted off!  These books will be wonderful for R as she grows.  The stunning photos and flaps engage her now and as she starts to read, the information will continue to engage her as she grows.


1.  Bubble Rockets

IMG_1042I had seen playdough2plato do this activity on Instagram and had to try it!  It only took a quick demonstration to get R to understand how to make the bubbles come out since she has had practice with blowing in the past.

The rocket is made from an empty water bottle that has a hole cut out of it’s bottom.  I used a knife to cut a hole, but scissors work just as well.

A sock is fixed over the cut out hole with a rubber band.  I pulled the sock all the way onto the bottle so that the hole had a flat surface over it.  I put the elastic band on at the bottom and then rolled the rest of the sock over the elastic band.

We dipped the sock portion of the rocket into bubble solution and R blew rocket bubbles!!

Extension Activities:
a. Allow the child to decorate the rocket by providing him/her with a variety of craft materials.  We used sticky-backed, glittery foam pieces to decorate our rocket.
b.  Do some experimenting.  Using the bubble solution recipe found here, test different variations of this recipe to observe how to make the longest bubble snake.  Have the child record the recipe and the observations into a science notebook.

2. Galaxy Slime?!?! turned Paper Mache

IMG_1005You can call this activity a Pinterest Fail! I had seen this amazing galaxy slime posted by twodaloo2 and thought I’d try to make some. I couldn’t find any Sta-flo or borax here in Canada and so I thought I’d be a genius and make my own liquid starch by mixing corn starch and water.  Let me tell you, it doesn’t work! Despite adding heaping table spoon after heaping table spoon of cornstarch into the glue and attempting to harden it in the fridge, it just wouldn’t turn into the right consistency.  I turned the gooey mixture into a paper mâché activity instead and R helped me glue pieces of scrap paper to a balloon.  Now, she has an awesome bouncing planet, instead of galaxy slime!

Extension Activities:
a. Make galaxy slime using this recipe with ingredients found in Canada (and the UK!).

Guest Post by Arshad Normah at GrowingWithColours

3. Foaming Moon Painting

10455917_10152612917818552_3311238231187166778_nAfter reading some books about the moon with baby Aisy, who was 27 months at the time of this activity, Arshad created an invitation to play for Aisy using a great foamy paint recipe.  Arshad writes, “Since it was hot and sunny outside, we decided to have our activity in the bathroom, making bath time so much fun and our activity cool at the same time.”  You can see Arshad’s original post here.

Here is the recipe for the foaming moon paint –
A squirt of Shaving foam
A few drops of Food Colouring
That’s all you need to do some foam painting!

Extension Activities:
a.  Create the foam paint in a variety of colours and use it to paint a whole space scene as Aisy did with her mom!

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