Spying Coloured Birds


R was 17 months old at the time of this activity


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – We’ve practiced this song many times in the past, so R is familiar with this one! She’s now learning to sing some of the words to twinkle twinkle little star. She sings the, “up above the” part and sings it “uppa bubba” :). I love how she knows to change words into “songs” by extending them as she sings.


1. Under the Stars

IMG_9575I have no idea why, but R absolutely loves cardboard boxes.  She can spend forever in a box laughing, playing and exploring.  For recreating the experience of camping under the stars, I poked some holes in a cardboard box and we looked at the how the light was shining through the holes.  As R poked at the holes in the cardboard box, we sang twinkle twinkle little star together.

Extension Activities:
a. Explore the concept of translucent, transparent and opaque materials with your child.

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Monsters Munching Coloured Crayons


R was 16 months old at the time of this activity


Ten Little Beasties by Rebecca Emberley: Ten little beasties is another great book by Rebecca Emberley that has awesome, colourful pictures.  This book is definitely an easy read and encourages counting backwards and forwards.


1. Cardboard Box Pull & Feed Monster


R fed her cardboard box monster some alphabet letters.  As she put letters inside, I sang the alphabet song aloud.  She joined in with some mumblings.  The box was made simply by cutting a hole in the top for a mouth, painting it and adding embellishments.  I also attached ribbons through the box for R to pull on.  She enjoyed tugging one side of a ribbon and watching the other side shorten and then pulling on the shortened side to pull the ribbon back out. I knotted both ends of the ribbons so that they couldn’t be pulled all the way out of the box.

Extension Activities:
a. Have the child name the letter as s/he feeds it to the monster.
b. Ask the child to tell you the sound the letter makes as s/he feeds it to the monster.
c. Ask the child to think of a word that starts with the letter as s/he feeds it to the monster

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Coloured dough, Q-tips and Birthdays


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity

For our last day of our colour study (for now), we mixed red, blue and yellow food colouring into the play dough I had made a few days ago.  It has stayed perfectly soft in an air tight Tupperware container.  Mixing colours into play dough is a great way to develop fine motor skills and strengthen a child’s grip.

R is now able to say blue and will copy me when I say it.   Practicing vocabulary words during activities is a great way to build word and object associations.  I try to choose just a couple of vocabulary words per day. Continue reading

Cardboard Crayons and Colourful Cutouts


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity

The week of cognitive skills development continued with more colour fun.

To change things up for a drawing activity, R did some drawing on a box while sitting inside.  I gave her just red, blue and yellow crayons so that we could continue to learn the primary colours.  She had a great time in there!

We practiced the colour poem again after having a day off of it.  Usually while we are practicing the poem, R is walking around.  Today she was actually quite focused and listened, watched and played along with me better than usual.  We practiced pointing to the foam shapes and saying the colour with a large emphasis on red, blue and yellow. Continue reading

Hunting for and Sorting Colours


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity

Our colour study continued, well for the most part… We read Brown Bear again and R was still fully enthralled.  She finished the last of the painting for our homemade colour book.

We did a colour hunt for the colour blue.  R is not yet at the developmental stage where she gets what a colour hunt is, so we did an adapted version of this.  Using a wooden bowl, rice and a mix of blue items and very few yellow and red items, we did a mini colour hunt.  R loved to dig out items and swirl the rice around the bowl using a popsicle stick she dug up.  Any time she pulled out a blue item, I would say blue and we would cheer.  Any time she pulled out a different coloured item, I’d say the colour and then put it back in the bowl. Since there were way more blue items, we did lots of cheering! Continue reading

Continuing with Colours


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity

We continued with our colour study, today.  Most of the activities were a repeat since R learns best with multiple repeated exposures.

Painting: we worked on three new pages for our homemade colour book.  I found that R was able to focus much better at painting while she was in her high chair.  It also made clean-up and containing of the mess much much easier!

Poems and Books: We re-read Brown Bear, Brown Bear and the Colours poem.  R loved doing a few of the actions to the poem; especially the lake part. We also re-read the poem using the foam magnetic pieces. Continue reading

Exploring Colours


R was 15 months old at the time of this activity

We read, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”.  R loved the book and had me and her aunt read it to her a number of times.

I thought it would be fun to make our own version of the book, so I had R do some painting.  I got her to paint a solid colour on one page, and once it dried, I cut shapes out of it using my Cricut machine. I hope to use our homemade book with R as she begins to say colour words and have her recall their names.

We also practiced a colour poem today. As I repeated the words to the poem, R and I practiced the actions.  She enjoyed doing the lake and sun actions. Continue reading